3 Successful Strategies to Scale Up Your Business with Digital Marketing

Scaling your growing business can feel like a high.

Your bets are paying off, growth is booming, and now it’s time to focus inward.

Don’t get over-confident. While scaling your business is essential for success, it can also go horribly wrong. You don’t need to look further than WeWork or Uber to see that.

During the early 2010’s app boom, 74% of high-growth startups failed because they scaled too soon and too fast. Not only that, but 93% of startups that scaled prematurely never broke the $100k threshold.

Slow and steady scaling with a focus on digital marketing is key to long-term growth and success.

1. A Rock-Solid Digital Marketing Strategy

As you turn your attention inwards to evaluate your structure and practices, it’s easy to neglect your current customers. Big mistake.

Hone Your Online Branding

Use the scaling process as an opportunity to strengthen your brand’s online presence. Digital brand strength can take several forms like

  • Twitter mentions
  • Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Facebook reviews
  • Consistent brand voice across your blog and social media
  • Customer-centric web design
  • Local SEO

Nail Down Your Niche and Segment Your Market for Profitability

Look at your current market and focus on what you do well.

  • Who are your most profitable customers? Get specific with behavior, interests, and demographics.
  • Which products/services do you offer these customers?

At this point, you want to break your audience up into segments so you can reach them (and similar fresh audiences) with highly personalized and relevant digital marketing content.

Too many businesses try to force themselves into a market that either doesn’t exist or isn’t profitable and their scaling efforts fail. Segmentation is the key to avoiding this.

Create a Strategy to Reach Your New Audience

Use the information you collected above, you can tailor your blogs, emails, and social media posts for unique segments of your audience.

Where do these segments hang out online? Don’t spread your resources too thin. Pick two or three channels that work best for your target market and go all in.

2. Streamlined Internal Structures

Now you need to focus on the internal systems that will help you reach your market and boost profitability.

Since you’ve nailed down your market segments, it’s time to take full advantage of digital marketing automation technology to help you reach your goals.

  • Automated email software and personalized campaigns for triggered events, personalized behavior, and segments.
  • Analytics and customer relationship management
  • Automated business services like payroll, accounting, and sales
  • Automated post scheduling to social media
  • An internal dashboard and communication structure to keep everyone informed

Having these structures in place will

  1. Boost day-to-day productivity
  2. Help your team focus their skills on the most important tasks
  3. Identify problems before they blow up in your face

As you continue to scale and grow, you can easily adjust these systems.

3. Get the Right People Behind You

teamwork for business success

Too many businesses jump the gun by focusing on “what” must be done without paying enough attention to “who” will do it. Another big mistake.

Ideally, you need team members who will analyze market challenges and suggest solutions – not sit back and wait for direction. When you read about hiring workers that share your vision and are invested in your business, that’s what it means in practice.

In many cases, this could involve outsourcing tasks to dedicated companies for jobs like digital marketing or SEO. In this case, look for teams who want to create a partnership with your brand rather than a vendor-client relationship.

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