Your website should be more than your online brochure. This valuable tool is designed to drive traffic, compel customers to action, and boost your bottom line. However, like any good tool, it needs to be used correctly to provide real value. That’s where we come in.

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Owning a Business Comes with Challenges

Once your business is open and your website is live, the work doesn’t stop. It takes time – more time than you probably have in a day. While you devote yourself to your customers, your website sits idle, never reaching its full potential. Giving your site the TLC it needs to thrive is a full-time task that you aren’t equipped to perform as well as you would like.

A customized website maintenance plan is the difference between a website that looks good and one that works for your business.

Make Your Website Work for You

A static website is never going to perform in a competitive space the way you need it to.

A marketable web presence generates leads, creates a customer experience, and builds revenue. It is a primary avenue to engage and interact with your target audience—24/7.

Websites are not designed to achieve these goals without effective maintenance. The business world is fluid and you and your website need to have the flexibility and foresight to move right along with it.

Our website maintenance plans are backed by industry experts who help manage and grow your online business. Our goal is to maintain your professionalism, keep you update on all trends, develop creative continue, improve search visibility, and generate new leads.

We transform your website into the tool that works for you.

Keep it Professional

We help business websites maintain a professional image so you never have to consider a website redesign. We ensure a strong user-friendly presence through the development of clear, actionable content and goals that align with your online sales.

Measure Your Results

Web Data Analytics matters. They don’t leave you guessing as to how your site is performing, they tell you how it is doing. Our data reports provide a proactive strategy on how to attract more visitors, retain users, and generate new leads to your website.

Target Your Traffic

An SEO-friendly website helps your business increase visibility to a relevant online audience. We take proactive steps monthly to help your site become friendlier with major search engines like Google and Bing.

Customize Content to Your Market

Your content is the unique voice of your business, designed to connect with prospective clients and compel them to action. We produce content tailored to your market that will also increase your friendliness with search engines.

What to Expect from Our Web
Maintenance Plans

Our maintenance plans are intimately customized to your website, ensuring it remains compliant to web and search engine standards. We even take proactive steps to develop off-page content and citations to build an online reputation for your business. Every month, we perform an unlimited number of tasks designed to keep your site functioning perfectly.


Web maintenance tasks might include:

  • In-depth marketing insights for online growth
  • Ongoing best practices for an SEO friendly website
  • Management of Pay Per Click and Google Ad Campaigns
  • Business consultation and tech support
  • Software & technology upgrades
  • Security monitoring & updates to prevent website hacking. No business is immune.
  • Up-time monitoring & performance
  • Custom graphic design and website design services
  • On-page (website) performance management
  • Off-page content & citations management
  • Skilled partnership to help you achieve your online objectives
  • On-demand support for all online initiatives relative to your website, social media and content marketing
  • Content management services
  • Broken link checking to make sure there are no broken URLs between site content that affects your *SEO
  • Content development tailored to your company’s target audience
  • Content distribution and social media support
  • Weekly updates of your software and 3rd party tools to maintain security and ensure you’re running the latest versions

* Learn more about SEO.


All services are completed at a fraction of the time it would take you to handle the job on your own. Recommendations are made only on the services that truly benefit your business. Each plan is tailored to the unique needs of my clients.

Website maintenance is a critical component to a robust, growing business.

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