Why You Need SEO

Do I need SEO?

Let’s consider the fact that over 4 billion people now use the internet, and when it comes to acquiring any sort of information, the internet is now the 1st place people go to learn more about your business. With these numbers only continuing to grow, it’s not hard to understand the significance and the importance for having a good SEO plan in place for your website. Whether you’re an existing online business, or new to the internet world, with hundreds of thousands of stores now available on the internet, it’s important that your online customers are able to find you. Take one example, when a user searches for something like ‘Milwaukee hotels’, search engines want to show a list of results that are relevant to the topic of ‘Milwaukee hotels’. Search engines will analyze all of the web pages that they’ve ever visited and pick out the pages that they believe are the most relevant to Milwaukee hotels. They determine this by evaluating lots of different factors, including how your content is written and implemented in code, as well as how other websites around the Internet are linking to you.

If you’re a business, there are some very real and very specific benefits to having a consistent, ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy. Without an SEO plan, it becomes very difficult for your online shoppers to find you and learn more about your business and what your business has to offer.

How can SEO benefit my business?

Here are a few highlights on what an SEO plan can do for your business:

  • Increase visibility online – With the correct title tags, meta descriptions and market-relative & creative content, your website becomes more relevant to search
  • Improve usability – How your website performs plays a significant role in SEO. Clear value propositions need to be made to where users can easily access information they need, and navigate through your website. Without good usability and architecture, the chances for conversion can be impacted by a greater chance of frustrated users leaving your website upon access.
  • Increase web traffic – According to a study by Conductor over 310 million visits to 30 different websites shows that organic search accounted for 64% of all referral traffic.
  • ROI – Whether you’re running an online store or not, SEO provides trackable, quality results. An SEO strategy includes increased traffic, rankings and conversions, and almost every aspect of it is trackable and measurable.
  • Provides inbound marketing & lead generation – SEO has become the #1 source for leads, holding greater value than paid advertising.
  • Increase in visits and sales directly relate with ranking in local search – More consumers are using local search queries to identify local businesses to find locations, hours and directions. According to Google, 50% of consumers who performed local search on a mobile device visited a store the same day.
  • SEO leads to brand credibility – High ranking in search results provides credibility, and trust for online searchers.
  • Cost effectiveness – The inbound nature of an SEO strategy directly targets user actively seeking your services or products.  This results in a more qualified marketing strategy than an outbound paid media strategy which generally requires greater costs (on an average 61% more) to generate leads.
  • The majority of consumers research products online before visiting a store – According to studies, GE Capital Retail Bank shows that 81% of shoppers research and compare products online before making a local purchase.

If you would like to know more information on how SEO could benefit your business, feel free to contact us for a consultation. We’d love to hear from you.


Justin Staples

For 15 years, Justin has guided businesses on a transformative journey through strategic marketing and design to craft their unique online identity.