My 6 Step Digital Marketing Process

As a small business consultant my colleagues and I work with entrepreneurs to help establish a strong identity for their company, build their brand and grow their business in big ways through digital media.

Below are our 6 steps in the digital marketing process:

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01. It Starts with you

We get to know you, your vision, the personality of your business & the customers you serve. To establish a brand persona, it’s important to understand you and the value you bring to your customers.

02. We research

By further analyzing your industry & competitors, and by learning your customer behavior & trends — we can obtain insights to develop a strategy that successfully positions your brand as an industry leader in front of the right audience.

03. We plan

We develop a high-level plan on how to effectively deliver your messaging to your targeted audience that produces engagement & customer response.

04. We design

From concept to creation we design layouts for the web & print that builds your brand, strengthens your identity, provides credibility & increases your conversion rates.

05. We develop

We acquire the best solution based on your business requirements, and we develop a secure, flexible system that meets current needs & future demands.

06. We market & measure

We communicate the value of your business to customers through content development, SEO, Social Media and Inbound Marketing. We take all the steps necessary to nurture the process & improve your customer engagement throughout.

Let’s Build Together!

For any questions you may have, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear more about you, and how we can help you take your brand to new heights through digital media.


Justin Staples

For 15 years, Justin has guided businesses on a transformative journey through strategic marketing and design to craft their unique online identity.

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