MediaChoice is a rapidly growing billboard advertising company located in Austin, Texas that was founded in 1997. MediaChoice oversees over 15,000 advertisers and sponsors while managing over 30,000 sign positions and faces.

billboard company website
web design billboard company
The Project
We were tasked to give MediaChoice a web design refresh, and to provide the company with a contemporary look and feel that showcases some of their work, and the market segments they target. The design needed a simple, clean user interface with improved user experience (UX Design).
The Outcome

We successfully revised the website with a bold new look and an enhanced user experience.

mediachoice billboard website
Website Redesign
A bold new online image that better reflects MediaChoice’s 26+ years of business nationwide.
responsive design mediachoice
mediachoice screengrab
Client Testimonial
client testimonial

JS has been a reliable team for multiple initiatives on web design and SEO.

Haylee Ford
HR, Marketing