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The Challenge

Boost online sales through SEO and online marketing. Burn Right contacted us to help build their online brand and increase online sales through search engine optimization & digital strategy.



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Keywords & SEO

We delivered a comprehensive list of keywords. First, we analyzed all relevant keywords from previous Ad campaigns that drove high volume traffic. We completed an extensive competitive research on keywords. From research, we compiled a list of broad & longtail keywords. Lastly, we integrated a content strategy with our selected keywords and revised all the website and Amazon metadata.

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Live Chat features

Once the website began gaining traffic, we integrated a live chat features to expand the line of communication between the buyer and the business. The goal to provide immediate customer service and increase conversions.

Improve shipping fulfillment

Products are purchased through the website & Amazon. The company works directly with a local dropshipper. The communication gap between sales and fulfillment needed to be bridged in order to turn shipping around in a timely manner. We integrated a solution that streamlines communication between sales on the website, Amazon and the dropshipper. The result is on-time delivery and improved customer experience.

Build online reputation

We created a local listing for the business and worked towards building an authentic user-generated online review system from Google. Reviews were directly integrated into the website from both Google and Facebook providing more brand credibility and social proof.

Amazon SEO

Sizes for a singular product were separately listed on Amazon, which resulted in multiple listings and reviews for one product. We consolidated reviews from both product sizes and created a single product listing that displays various sizes. We integrated keywords from research within a single product listing for search. The goal was to drive traffic to a single product with size variations and all reviews.

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FaceBook Ads

We calculated a rough estimate on Ad spend. We also created a highly segmented and customized audience list based on previous buyers and users who have engaged with the business. From that list, we targeted select user-types to distribute a series of ads across FaceBook. While we received a high volume of engagement and grew our fan base, sales were lower than we anticipated. The overall investment on the client’s end, however, was low. From Facebook metrics, we were able to pull valuable user data that taught us more about our customers.

The Results

Burn Right Products more than doubled their online traffic, increased qualified leads, and tripled their online conversion rates. Sales volume was up by 550% in 6 months.









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