The Law Offices of David P. Lowe

With over 35 years of professional experience as an attorney, David P. Lowe has been representing clients confronted with a wide variety of challenges.  Whether the claim is big or small, involves temporary pain and disability, permanent injury or wrongful death, or a business involved in a dispute,  David P. Lowe has provided skilled and experienced legal representation to cases across Wisconsin.

The challenge

David P. Lowe was a former employer of a larger local law firm, who took the next step in his career to venture off on his own and establish his own business.  The project given to us from David, was to create a strong logo and corporate identity for his law office in downtown, Milwaukee.

The solution

Visually captured David’s vision and created an identity and image that reflects his professionalism. Using dark cool gray with shades of Cyan, we delivered a nice balance of sophistication and freshness, to create a unique symbol and a strong identifiable mark to brand The law Offices of David P. Lowe. We also provided a corporate identity package to include business cards, letterheads and envelopes.

logo design corporate identity branding

I am very pleased with the marketing identity package and website that JS Interactive designed for me. Despite the tight time frame required for our project, the communication was excellent and responsive, their attention to detail was great, and their creative ideas led to an excellent result. I look forward to further collaboration with JS Interactive in the future.

David P LowePrincipal