Meeting the needs of today’s Christians

SPERO Senior Ministries helps congregations develop outreach strategies to provide Christian-based senior care in their communities. SPERO does this by helping churches develop, construct, and manage senior living communities for independent Christian seniors.
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Custom logo and website design

Spero Ministries serves as parent company to Spero Senior Living. The client requested a continuity in the brands’ look and feel for the Ministry.  Spero Ministries provide management, marketing and construction services for senior home communities. The web design for Senior Living was cloned to create a new logo and website for Spero Senior Ministries.

Brand Identity

We replicated the original design we developed for Spero Senior Living to create a new logo for Spero Senior Ministries.

spero senior ministries logo

Web Design

A clean web design framework with simple parallax effects, creative writing and messaging.

responsive mobile design spero
website senior care housing
spero website design desktop

The results

A scaleable and functional website with minimalistic design and original content writing.

The Spero Senior Ministries project has only just begun. With the development of their first senior home center in 2017, the goal is to expand communities across the States. With the initial website launch being an online brochure, the near future will bring marketing and automation to the forefront to better streamline online business for Spero.

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