Kingdom Appliance Repairs

Milwaukee’s appliance repairman, Abraham Kingdom has over 22 years of professional experience making it his priority to provide fast, friendly, and professional services to Milwaukee County, and its surrounding areas.  He values his customers needs and guarantees affordable prices with a down-to-earth approach to having them met.

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The challenge

To provide a clean and personal presence for Kingdom Appliance Repairs with a user interface that allows easy accessibility of content, and an online form for tracking conversions and enabling users to request appointments online. To develop the site to be responsive and friendly across all mobile devices.

The solution

A website driven by WordPress CMS, original photography to help personalize the experience and to create a familiar face for the online user, prior to contact. Responsive design compliant with all mobile devices.

web design user experience XHTML/CSS
responsive design wordpress CMS

Had a website built for my appliance repair business recently and was very impressed with the speed that it came together and the finished product. I feel like this has been the best investment I have made so far. Ever since the website has been up I have noticed an increasing amount of business come in from it.

Abraham KingdomOwner