Imago Dei Church

“Imago Dei” from the Latin text is translated “Image of God”, and as an expression of Jesus Christ, Imago Dei stands committed to expressing that image by executing ministry as a team of teams. “There is only one superstar in the church, and His Name is Jesus. As a team, they follow the lead of Jesus, and believe that only by serving Him as a team of teams, can they live out the image of God.

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The challenge

To provide a complete website redesign responsive to mobile devices, to improve on user experience, and to provide an easy to use content management system.

The solution

We  provided a custom designed layout and WordPress solution with a clean, contemporary look and feel, and an easy to use-navigational system that allows users to access content to Imago Dei’s ministry, vision and core values – free of user frustration.

website redesign content management system increased conversions
improved user experience analytics tracking

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Pete ZiolkowskiLead Pastor