God Is Always Faithful

Author and speaker, Sarah Malanowski has written several books biblically-inspired to optimize lives for eternal impact. She provides a wide variety of written content and tools to help equip and build others to have a victorious mindset in Christ.

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The challenge

When Sarah contacted us initially, her current self-hosted blog was in need of website redesign to provide a more professional and original image. Her site’s core architecture was not user-friendly, and was not easily accessible due to the amount of added content upon content over a period of time that resulted in nested tables and poor composition and structure. Her books were only available for sale through 3rd party resources, and in some cases 3rd parties were paid higher commissions for sales when using their online store products.

The solution

Developed an original logo to help brand the business and redesigned godisalwaysfaithful.com to provide a more accurate and professional image with an improved user interface and functionality. Her site’s core architecture was redeveloped and content was positioned with more clear value propositions and call-to-action.  Accessibility and engagement was significantly improved for online users to allow for better conversion rates. We also developed and integrated an online store that allows customers to seamlessly select and purchase products directly on her site. We integrated site security on multiple levels, and optimized her website and online products for fast loading online. Social media presence was designed to have a consistent look and feel with her brand.

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Sarah Malanowski

I am extremely grateful for this company and their hard work on my website. I’m blown away by their dedication to hear me on every detail and make sure that the site is exactly the way I want it. Even more than that, I feel that my new website goes beyond my greatest expectations. Justin really has a way of catching your vision and bringing it to life. I have no complaints!

The service that Justin and his company provided was more than I expected to receive. Thank you for your hard work and determination to make even the smallest details on my new website look great. I’m beyond blessed to be partnered with such a great company! Thank you for your ongoing partnership through the monthly support you offer me. I’m immensely grateful! I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at today with my ministry if it wasn’t for the work of Justin and his team. He has helped me look more professional and has helped me reach my audience better.

Sarah MalanowskiAuthor / Founder