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Full Sail Leadership Academy is located in Wisconsin and provides executive coaching centered on increasing employee engagement. Full Sail offers full and half-day employee engagement workshops in classrooms and on sailboats, sailing the waters of Lake Michigan and the southern regions.
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Create a brand identity, messaging and custom website

We took an existing DIY logo and created a stronger identity for the Full Sail brand. We also created messaging and content writing for the company’s primary pages and value propositions. We developed a custom website compliant across all mobile devices.

Brand & Logo Identity

We created a custom logo to be used across all online and collateral marketing material.

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Web Design

Web Design and development include original content writing and messaging, as well as some video content.

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full sail robust form
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The results

We continue to collaborate with Full Sail leadership on multiple initiatives.

Our longstanding relationship with Full Sail has opened up opportunities to help expand reach among other partner companies associated with Full Sail. Only just beginning, we continue to provide support and build presence to Full Sail across social media channels.

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