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Justin Staples

Business Consulting, SEO & Digital Marketing

All my life I have been an artist, illustrating comic book characters from the age of 6, taking after the talents of my parents with expressing my God-given gift of creativity. It was my passion for art that led me to pursue drawing, painting and illustrating in college. About halfway into my college experience I thought to myself, ‘how can I take the creative gift I have been given to make a decent living in today’s world’. Being the son of an artist, there was already an understanding for the challenges artists can face making a successful career out of art’.

It was at this point that I made a turn from the traditional art to Graphic Design and Web Design; combining my love for creativity with computers, making use of it in a world driven by technology.

Today, the industry has led me to business development and internet marketing, where I serve as Principal to JS Interactive with over 14 years of progressively increasing responsibilities. As an entrepreneur, I love the challenge of working with businesses to help empower them through technology. My passion to help is fueled by the drive and determination seen from business owners who strive to excel in what they do.

Client services include the following:

  • Identity and brand positioning
  • Project, team and account management
  • Innovation to formulate creative design and customization strategies
  • Design and other brand related mediums
  • Analytics with collaborative back end development.
  • Experience with multiple applications, content management systems and media-related projects.

Justin with client and friend, Tim Dittloff

My areas of specialty include:

If you’d like to learn more about JS Interactive, or are seeking qualified candidates to assist you on your business journey … don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.